Great Ytene (pronounced ‘ee-ten’) formed in London in early 2013, crafting sounds between studios, practices spaces and bedrooms they collected tracks for their self titled debut EP out on Bella Union March 2013.

Their name is taken from an ancient term for the New Forest - That wooded, pony, pub, and witch filled corner of the south coast where all four members: Leon Diaper (Guitar/Vox), Lewis Baker (Drums), Jorge Stride (Bass), and Tom Baker (Guitar), spent their childhood.  

An early single ‘Happy Scenes’ released on the bands own imprint Marshall Teller Records came out summer 2013, which in many ways anticipated the mood and feeling of the EP.

The release of 'Happy Scenes' saw the group go on to explore their patina of strange live, playing shows with acts such as Amen Dunes, Echo Lake, Jackson Scott and Cheatahs.  

Great Ytene spent time on the Lightship Recording studio with Rory Atwell laying down half the live tracks, then shutting themselves away in their bedrooms, they then went on to finished up the EP in Bella Unions own studio, produced by good Friend Iggy B ( Money, Snowbirds). 

Great Ytene's debut EP is out on Bella Union, March 2014

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