Comprising Nathan Hewitt (vocals, guitar) James Wignall (guitar,vocals) Dean Reid (bass, vocals) and Marc Raue (drums), Cheatahs are a band of fine pedigree on London’s slacker pop scene: Nathan plays guitar with Male Bonding and James used to play with Weird Dreams.

Though based in East London, the band are about as international as a four-piece can be: James is English, Dean is American, Marc is German and frontman Nathan was raised in tiny Morinville, a town near Edmonton, Canada, which he left in 2003. “I don’t think I could ever live in a place that had snow around for half the year ever again,” he says.

Part of a fertile community of musicians, the band coagulated around a shared love of Elliott Smith, Dinosaur Jr, Neil Young, Kevin Shields, Mark Kozalek, Wipers, Nirvana and Husker Du. 

Cheatahs debut album comes out on Whicitia February 2013.



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