Marshall Teller Records Presents, Broken Record Label Sampler Vol.1

We are happy to present our first label sampler, entitled Broken Record Vol. 1. The compilation gathers weird and wonderful tracks from our roster, past present and future. The name referencing back to the last episode of our beloved cult TV show, Eerie Indiana, from where Marshall Teller Records was spun.

Noisey have just announced the label sampler with a brand new History Of Apple Pie track, featuring Gary Jarman from the Cribs.

The sampler contains 12 exclusive unreleased tracks, including The History Of Apple Pie, featuring Gary Jarman of the Cribs, Cheatahs re work Geographic (National) from their recent debut, The Vaccines are morphed by Tom Furse from The Horrors, Great Ytene cover a classic Orange Juice track and Potty Mouth are live from New York’s Glasslands. The record also has exclusive new music from Echo Lake, Dignan Porch, Winter Drones, Joanna Skyler, Warm Brains, Parlour and Grass House. All will be featured on limited edition vinyl accompanied with a download code including some further unreleased tracks from label favourites Not Cool, MT supergroup Psychic Markers ( members from Grass House, Winter Drones and Great Ytene ) and Parakeet.

Track Listing


1. Winter Drones - ­ Moving Eyes ( I Dont mind )

2. Echo Lake - ­ This Year

3. Joanna Skyler - Lakmir

4. Geat Ytene - ­ Untitled Melody ( Orange Juice Cover )

5. The History Of Apple Pie - ­ Shake ( featuring Gary Jarman, The Cribs)

6. Cheatahs - ­ National


1. Parlour - ­ Slow Down

2. Warm Brains - ­ Now That I'm Boring

3. Dignan Porch -  ­ Heavy On The 5

4. Grass House - ­ All I have To Do Is Dream ( The Everly Brothers Cover)

5. Potty Mouth - ­ The Spins ( Live Grassland NYC )

6. The Vaccines - ­ Blow It up ( Tom Furse Remix, The Horrors )

Bonus DL with vinyl only tracks

Psychic Markers - Blow Away The Wind

Not Cool - ­ M.I.S.T.Y

Parakeet -­ Magic Queen (Alternative Version)

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