NEW : Grass House, Thousand Generators video...

The new single from London "outsider pop" four piece Grass House is 'A Thousand Generators', we've got the brand new music video for that track today over on the 405.

The video has quite a few different people get into a van - couples, people by themselves, groups of friends even band mates Great Ytene and Winter Drones, people with dogs - and supplies them with markers and a note pad, and asks them to draw whatever they see fit. Many people drew photos of the person they were with (or themselves), some drew their pets, others drew trees and suns and the like. It's an endearing and cute video filled with smiles and laughter, and the fact that it's paired with a fantastic song like 'A Thousand Generators' isn't too bad either.

The band have a launch party for their new single coming up at Servants Jazz Quarters in Dalston on 10 April with Big Sister, and you can grab your tickets here!