Winter Drones 'Heavy Eyes'

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Even more exciting news we have a new release to announce, an album from Winter Drones. 

Leon Dufficy is primarily known as the guitarist in Sub Pop’s dreamy Still Corners and Ecstatic Peace’s hippie-jam outfit Hush Arbors, fronted by Keith Wood (Chelsea Light Moving).


Heavy Eyes is his second outing under the name Winter Drones. It was recorded in an insomniac haze that Dufficy has been living with since childhood. Half awake guitar lines combined with fuzzed-out ambient drift, shoegaze swirl and propulsive pop sensibilities. Once again he has brought in his trusted music companions Alannah Ashworth, Luke Jarvis and Keith Wood to help round out the album.

Heavy Eyes following 2011’s excellent Blood in the Coffin which came via Weird Forest (Noveller, Grouper) Dufficy stands out as a modern artist because of his ability to develop his soundscapes, infusing them with a touch of melody to impart a sense of emotion.  

First track from the record is Towns Alight, featuring guitar and vocals from Keith Wood

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the limited LP with screen printed sleeves available in three different colours + bonus tracks only available with the purchase of the vinyl.