GH pressshot

GH pressshot

Grass House are four men from Yorkshire who wander down the shadowy corridors marked ‘Outsider Pop'. Their melodramatic, occasionally psychedelic, musical leanings weave cascading cinematic guitars around hypnotic rhythms, creating an ultimately enthralling and dramatic affair.

“Grass House are a band that can send shivers down your spine” Chris Pattinson - Black Cab Sessions

“It’s as if the National recorded in the same cabin Bon Iver used for For Emma, Forever Ago and their influences suddenly turned to Fleet Foxes, early Leonard Cohen and even a bit of Captain Beefheart.” Can’t Hear My Eyes

"there is actually something quite Modern Lovers-esque about vocalist Liam Palmer’s strange, slightly unwieldy, but oddly compelling lyricism" The Line Of Best Fit'

We are so happy to be releasing their debut album, set for release for October 2013

Order their latest 7" And Now For The Wild