We are super happy that COLOURS have released their Drip Haze 7" today! It was a lot of fun putting it together. We have to thank Lars, Alex, Charlotte, Jorge, Lewis and Tom for screening printing all the sleeves and and hand numbering all the posters and artwork! they look amazing! Take a look at some photos of us over the past couple of weeks sorting the release out!

A lovely add in this months Loud and Quiet

The lovely Lars screening printing the artwork

Alex and Charlotte printing another section of the artwork

First few layers finished and drying

Almost done, just the text and logo to add

All screened!

Limited edition posters, for pre orders only!

The 7" all ready to pop in with the artwork and posters

Stickers for the over bags

Night in of posting!

Hand numbered!

All packed up and ready to post

All finished up!