MT010 Total Slacker ' Thrashin' LP ***OUT 26/09/2011***


MT009 Total Slacker 'Thrashin' LP  When we first heard Total Slacker we fell in love with them, so we decided to get them on a split with our friends Weird Dreams. That was last year, so when we heard they had an album in the works we wanted to help out where we could. The album will be available on 12" vinyl and download, There will also be a digital single coming out a few weeks before the album so watch out for that. The track listing for the album is below, and why not download the opening track from the album Psychic Mesa above!

1.Psychic Mesa

2.Shitty Baby

3.Secret VHS collection

4.These Condos don't belong

5.Magical Date Night

6.Stuck in 93

7.Life On Easy Street

8.Time Traveling High School Drop Out

9.Stealing From The Salvation Army

10.No Mo 4Loko

11.Koolz McRulez