Tough Love Records Sampler 2011


Tough Love is proud to announce the release of the second in their series of Young & Research samplers. A free to download 13 track compilation, it features a gamut of friends, family, old flames and future lovers. As per the first sampler, some of these artists we are incredibly close to, others we know only via the hyper-connectivity of the internet. And some are positioned rather ambiguously between the two. Regardless, we love their music equally.

Released on 30th March, Young & Research II is available to download direct from the Tough Love Bandcamp and Soundcloud. However, you are encouraged to share the music in whatever ways you deem fit.

As always, artwork for the sampler was designed by Sinead Evans.

Tracklisting: 1. CYMBALS – “Single Printed Name” 2. Girls Names – “I Don’t Mind” 3. Weird Dreams – “A Monthful of Mondays” 4. Lazy Hurricane – “Heartswordsfire” 5. Welcome Back Sailors– “Love’s The Answer, Blame It (Dream Cop remix)” 6. Please – “Pass The Apple” 7. Charles Hurts – “Guess Again” 8. Sea Pinks – “Ode to Joe” 9. kotki dwa – “I Scream” 10. Childhood – “No Words” 11. Conquering Animal Sound – “Flinch (Dam Mantle remix)” 12. Simple Eyes – “Floating Teeth” 13. Lonely Galaxy – “Strawberry Adore”