Total Slacker are a Brooklyn based rock band, with garage and Psychedelic leanings. Drummer Ross Condon and bassist Emily Oppenheimer respectively grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico and went to high school together. Vocalist and frontman Tucker Rountree hails from Salt Lake City. It wasn't until after moving to Brooklyn that they came together as a band. Tucker and Emily met on a previous occasion, and began playing together, but knew they were missing a crucial component, a drummer.  Upon meeting Ross at a local DIY show, they knew they had found the missing link. After "courting" Ross briefly, the three began to make music together and Total Slacker as we know formed. This was all just under a year ago.

Total Slacker are relative newbie’s to the Brooklyn Indie scene, but they hit the ground running, gaining praise from The New Yorker Magazine, citing them as darlings of the  "Brooklyn Contingent."

In one year as a group, they have released two singles on independent record labels both in the U.S. and Europe, and have played over 100 shows at some of the largest venues in New York, garnishing the attention of notable press and international radio play. Total Slacker's drummer Ross Condon, is the younger brother to Zach Condon of the highly acclaimed band, Beirut.

Marshall Teller are very excited about working with Total Slacker this year, we are releasing their debut LP, set for release September 26/09/2011.

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