Colours do not begin or stop with their music. This four-piece from small towns scattered within the New Forest are thinking about the bigger picture. Not long after forming in their hometown, vocalist, Leon Diaper left for London and picked up two old friends along the way: Lewis Baker (ex-Help She can’t Swim) and Jorge Stride on drums and bass.

“Colours are Jubilant, their songs are awash with life and sweep and swim through damaged harmonics” – Upset the Rhythm

Their relentless pursuit of such a sound, just a foggy idea in their youth, stirred by many early 90s bands. This pressed Colours to forge their own direction, one that openly acknowledges their influences, but is more like an audio kaleidoscope, conjuring a loose guide rather than a specific blueprint, to a destination that is completely their own.

Founding Marshall Teller Records has afforded Colours the opportunity to not only create the music they want to hear but to champion it too. Bands such as Cheatahs, Dignan Porch, Weird Dreams, and 2011’s ‘it band’, The Vaccines, have all been handled by the DIY inspired label.

A Lost Youth EP available over on all good digital stores